Imposter Syndrome

by junior85

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I started a new album in January, and I've been trying to finish it off but it just won't die. Whenever it does get finished, this is going to be the first track and I've decided to release it today.


released June 17, 2016

Written, recorded and produced by Tony Higgins
Additional Footsteps: Declan Q Kelly




junior85 Galway, Ireland

I'm a musician and composer from Galway, Ireland. I play drums for lots of people (Dott, Milan Jay, Meljoann, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Seamus Fogarty, Vince Mack Mahon, Local Living Guy, Laura Sheeran).

I have lots of albums available for free. They're all available here on WFMU's wonderful Free Music Archive:

I do soundtracks,contact for details
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Track Name: Imposter Syndrome
It starts with a blush, then a turn
And you freeze,
Don’t know what to say or do
It’s not a big deal, it’s too painful to fail
That’s all

In deep
Of the pool
Wonder how did I fall
And if I can swim at all

I’m not a big deal
I’m too painfully real
That’s all

I’m a fraud
It was luck
I don’t know what it took

A mistake, twist of fate,
I can’t deal with this praise
And I freeze

Calm down don’t mind the voice inside
Unable to internalize what you achieve
React to certain stimuli like you’ve deceived
Experience intensity, fear false esteem
Evidence of competence, nah don’t believe
Vicious circle diligence, can’t leave it be
Obsessing over detail to the nth degree
Success is never yours, you’re a fraud and a thief
Accustomed to anxiety, work til you bleed
Still you feel you faltered, you let down the team
Undercut by wrecking your own self-esteem

Feel you don’t belong, it’s in this song
Why don’t you sing about it
Everything is wrong and lingers on
It leaves you dwelling on it
Feel inadequate and you don’t fit
You’ll get found out about it
Can’t accept a compliment
Not if your life depended on it

Wallow in a sense of inadequacy
Playing down your input to hide what you feel
Ruminate on feedback, you can’t leave it be
Imposter feeling loster and they’re gonna see

Every time you’re it you think you’re shit
You take no credit for it
You should really talk about it
Off your chest regret about it
Even if you’re with a hit
You’re gonna sit and sweat about it
Worrying about the aftermath
When after that, they ask you bout it

It’s times like this you want to hide

But everything is alright now everything is alright